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Ceramics courses at the Bardak Ceramics Studio in Belgrade and Novi Sad

Ceramic courses in

As one of the oldest crafts, ceramics still wriggle through our daily lives. We think of it as applied art, artistic craft or hobby. We take into account all of its aspects related to creativity, methods and production technology of utilitarian or decorative ceramic objects. The process of creating a three-dimensional shape from a distorted mass, giving it function and transforming it from brittle dry earth into solid fired ceramics, has many steps. Mastering them is a first-hand process, not an exact science because too many variables can affect the outcome.

Therein lies the greatest gift and, at the same time, the biggest curse of ceramics held in the uncertainty, constant experimentation and ambiguity of the end-result until the last moment. The ceramics courses in our studio are designed to familiarize you with all the necessary tools for working with clay. Enjoy one of the most relaxing hobbies of today through practical work of hand-building methods and on the potter's wheel. You will learn how to create objects from your imagination and develop your creativity and motor skills. There are several variants of courses available to you, and you can find all the details about each one individually, including prices and dates by following the links below.

How to choose the right studio/studio for a ceramics course?

There is a choice, which is a good thing, because diverse approaches can only enrich this artistic discipline. There are a dozen ceramics studios in Belgrade - however, if you live in the countryside, unfortunately, you are left with no real options. Art ceramics is such a wast field that no one, no matter how ambitious, can deal with all methods and approaches. It all depends on what you want to achieve, so you should do a little research on the ceramics and explore many of its facets. In our studio, we focus on developing skills and methods that are the foundation of the craft. After mastering the basic principles, students have the opportunity to act independently. Small groups, professional tutors and an individual approach allow us to achieve great results. To make an informed decision, take into account everything that is included in the price - materials, decoration, firing ceramics. Examine their profiles on social networks. Research the recommendations, but also, perhaps most importantly, look at showcased student-made items because those should fairly represent the success of one school of ceramics.

What type of course to choose to start with?

Don't overcomplicate it. If you did a little research and want to pursue ceramics either as a hobby or professionally, the Standard Ceramics Course is the right choice - mostly because of its flexibility. The Mini Ceramics Course is for those who would like to give it a test run and observe live what it all looks like before they make a decision. We recommend the Intensive Ceramics Course to those who have attended the Standard Course for some time and want to dedicate themselves to working on the potter's wheel. Beginners can go for it too, which has often been the case so far, but bear in mind that it takes a bit more time to master the basics. The new Online Ceramics Course is for people in non-urban parts, who would like to learn more about ceramics, but in their place of residence, there are no ceramics schools.

What do I need for working?

Each ceramics course in the "Bardak Ceramics Studio" provides you with all the necessary tools which are included in the price. Materials for work and decoration, equipment and tools, aprons, firing practices, etc. - are included in the monthly fee. Of course, there are some limitations, which you can find more about in the description of each course. Also, it is possible in agreement with the tutors to work with your own materials, if you want to test some other type of clay or decoration. Apart from that, it is not necessary to bring anything from home or to buy extra materials.

Where are we located?

Bardak pottery studio is established in two locations. In Belgrade, in Pančićeva Street No. 14 (shop on the corner of a residential building) and Novi Sad in Dunavska Street No. 12 in the passage (entrance on the other side from Ise Bajića Street No. 6). The premises are air-conditioned and fully equipped for work. For all additional information, you can contact us in one of the ways listed on the Contact page.



You can donate each of our courses by purchasing vouchers. Depending on the type of course, it can have a limited duration from the date of purchase (45 days) or be tied to fixed dates (Mini course of ceramics). For any additional information you can contact us.


You can pay for the course at the first reserved class or no later than two days before the start of the course through the account: Udruženje grnčara Bardak, Pančićeva 14 Belgrade, 160-344618-48, purpose of payment: članarina za kurs keramike. Leave the call number blank.