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Usluge Studija keramike Bardak

Services in

Bardak pottery studio offers a wide range of services for anyone interested in ceramics as an amateur or a professional. Frequent users of our services are former participants of one of our ceramics course, but also independent artists and craftsmen.

Service firing of ceramics

is one of the most frequently used services, mostly because it requires specific kilns operating at temperatures up to 1250°C. This service pays off the most for beginners because the investment in buying a kiln is huge. People often begin creating ceramic items and later on gather funds to buy their kiln. Also, hobbyists, artists and craftsmen who occasionally and in small quantities produce ceramic objects, consider this alternative more budget-friendly.


Renting space for independent work

on a daily or monthly basis allows you to work smoothly in an equipped, air-conditioned and well-lit atelier in the center of Belgrade. You will find all the necessary tools and equipment for work, work surfaces and a relaxed atmosphere right at your fingertips. Whether you are someone who wants to do ceramics for yourself or professionally, our studio is the right place for your first independent steps in the world of ceramics.


Technical and technological consulting

Making ceramic objects can often be a demanding process within which problems or doubts often arise. In our studio, we will share all our knowledge and experience with you in the hope of finding the best possible solution to your problem.