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Uslužno pečenje keramike u Beogradu i Novom Sadu - Studio keramike Bardak


In our studio, you can fire ceramics up to a temperature of 1250 degrees. If you need to fire terracotta, majolica, faience, stoneware, porcelain, coatings, gilding, or overglaze paints with a controlled firing process - you came in the right place. This service is available in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

The quality firing of ceramics is a decisive factor in the production of ceramic objects. Accelerated firing, poorly programmed process and accelerated cooling can lead to an increase in manufacturing errors and defects, and even to the destruction of objects. In our studio, we provide service firing according to the highest standards. Gradual temperature rise, retention at key temperatures, 24-hour cooling, allow your work to achieve its maximum quality and minimum defects.


The size of the inner part of the kiln is w.54cm x d.54cm x h.60cm. The volume we recommend is w.50cm x d.50cm x h.55cm, due to the desired distances from the heater for better temperature distribution.


NOTE:In case of damage to the kiln plates or the kiln itself due to negligent or unprofessional use of the material, the costs are increased in proportion to the damage done. Prices are fixed regardless of the amount of work being fired. We do not accept full-size sculptures, we do not fire glass or metals even if they are part of a ceramic composition, as well as works glazed over biscuits (mono firing). If we estimate that the items are not well done technically, or that the decoration is adequately applied, but the person insists that everything is fine - an advance payment we agree on is taken before firing. Payment according to the price list is made upon receipt of works. The user of the service must provide us with the following information accurately because otherwise, we will not be able to provide you with this service:


  • Type of clay and its maximum firing temperature.

  • The type of glaze or other types of decoration and its maximum firing temperature.

  • The method by which the work was done and the thickness of the walls.

  • Drying period that the work has already passed (if biscuit firing is involved).


Price of service firing:

Service firing of ceramics from 750 to 1250 degrees - per firing: 2.000 RSD


Members of the Bardak potters' association and active participants in our ceramics course have the opportunity to rent half a kiln (half price) for a smaller amount of work.


If you are interested in this service, you can fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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