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Technical and technological consulting in the field of ceramics - Bardak


If you intend to develop yourself professionally in ceramics, start your own business or already own it - and you have additional questions, or you would like targeted education or counseling, Studio Keramike Bardak can meet your needs. The creation of ceramics in the studio/workshop conditions, whether it is handmade ceramics or on a potter's wheel or made using a mold, is an extremely wide area. The choice of materials and methods is huge, especially if you combine them. That is why ceramics are often compared to alchemy. There are no instant solutions, nor are there people who know everything. If you are not ready for extensive research, experimentation and compromise, you have chosen the wrong field.

The problem often arises when observing what others are doing and the desire to reproduce certain solutions. This does not mean that you want to copy someone - but to simply apply some of their solutions to your items. Even when you follow the instructions carefully, the result is often not the same, sometimes not even similar. This is a common phenomenon in ceramics, mostly because the material available to us is not the same as that in America, Asia, or even in neighboring countries. Kaolin from a site in Bulgaria and one from Germany are the kaolin substance you need to make glazes, for example, but they will give similar or perhaps very different results. Then you have to either order the material that will give you the desired result achieved by someone else, or switch to experimenting with the materials that are available to you. This is just one example of the dilemmas and problems that people face. Whether it is working with raw materials (clays), or working with raw materials for making decoration or purchased materials, the technological processes (working with clay, casting, firing processes, etc.), - there is a big possibility our over 20 years of experience in experimentation can help you in some way.


You can send us an inquiry with details of what you are interested in any of the ways listed on the Contact page. If we can respond professionally to your requests, we will do our best to provide you with an offer for cooperation as soon as possible. Sometimes a video call will be enough, sometimes a meeting with us in the studio. Whatever the case, openly and without hiding information, we will share our knowledge with you and try to offer alternative solutions. If it's something outside our field of knowledge, we will unequivocally tell you so. We do not want to experiment and assume if we do not have at least some experience and knowledge in that area. Independent research and experimentation can and will give results. However, in ceramics, even minimal guidance and transfer of experience can be far more useful and provide faster results. Do not hesitate to contact us.


When it comes to technical and technological consulting, they are mainly reduced to production processes, solving frequent errors and defects, selection of materials and methods, but also equipment for work and handling it. We are often contacted by people who want to create only specific items and are looking exclusively for the knowledge necessary to execute them. We also worked on conceptual solutions for products, but also on training staff who will make them. The experience we have is based on independent work and research, in factory conditions, but also on the knowledge gained during ten years of work at the Faculty of Applied Arts. Over many years, we have had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous experts in the field of ceramics, artists, professors, technologists, craftsmen, etc. We apply and improve the acquired knowledge every day, because ceramics, as a living organism that is constantly evolving, is exposed to constant innovations and requires dedication and will for constant learning. If you have a problem, doubt or question, you are in the right place. Thank you for choosing "Studio Ceramics Bardak" as a reliable partner.