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Studio keramike Bardak atelje u Beogradu

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Created using several different methods, "Pottery studio Bardak" exhibits unique works of its founder, Saša Matić. The products fall into two categories: utilitarian and decorative ceramics. Saša's artworks are conceptualized in combining multiple methods to produce miniature series of up to ten models. You can only acquire the items listed here, as we do not accept special orders at this time. Product photos may slightly differ from the product you will receive because all work is done by hand without using a mold. You will receive detailed photographs of the product before delivery so you can approve the final result. Contact us in any way listed on our Contact page for additional information.

The oldest remnants of pottery are approximately 30,000 years old. The world has since changed, but the basics of creating ceramics remained the same. As a primary material, clay had taken different forms for thousands of years, but the manufacturing technology itself is quite similar - if not exact. Clay can rarely be used immediately after excavation, as it needs to be purified and mixed for even humidity and softness, without trapped air. We can shape it using several methods, but it is fundamental to keep the clay walls nice and thin. We specialize in wheel throwing, but we also practice hand-building methods (pinch pottery, coil building, and slab building). Each product is unique as we do not use molds typical for serial production. The drying period is around ten days long, after which we perform biscuit firing at 900°C to get the so-called terracotta. Terracotta can be treated with a thin layer of glaze as decoration, after which it is fired again at temperatures that go up to 1280°C. Only after the second firing do we have a finished product that can be used in your daily life or as decoration. It is important to stress that glazes are only one out of many alternatives to decorate ceramics - there are plenty more. The process of producing a single item can take up to twenty days.

"Bardak" ceramics studio sets high professional and technological standards in making ceramic items, and only items that meet those standards are displayed on our website. We find inspiration combining tradition and modernism, with a minimalist approach and accentuated features. We strive to maintain a balance on the perpetual seesaw of aesthetics and functionality. We use high-quality masses for stoneware and porcelain production, we try to support domestic manufacturers of materials for work and decoration and we develop professional cooperation with them. The limited series of works will enable you to have truly unique pieces of top-quality ceramics in your space. For us, there are no shortcuts and the process is maximally respected and craft values ​​are nurtured and perfected. Over 20 years of experience in making ceramic objects are woven into each piece. It is possible to buy only the exhibited pieces because custom work is not possible. We adopted this concept a couple of years ago when the desire arose to raise the whole approach to work to a higher level and the works coming out of our workshop to be part of an opus and creative flow that we want to develop. In a world ruled by mass production, we wanted to leave our mark through a different approach to work.Whether you are looking for ceramic items for yourself or as a gift, we hope you enjoy your research of our studio. We are at your disposal for any additional information.

Saša Matić was born in 1986 in Bor. He started working with ceramics as a hobby in the summer of 1999, when the first works in the majolica technique were created. He graduated from the School of Arts and Crafts (today - the School of Applied Arts) in Šabac, as a potter in 2005, under the mentors Ljiljana Stojanović and Ljiljana Paranjpe. During his schooling, he started his own studio and focused mostly on the technique of working on a potter's wheel. After finishing school, he worked for two years as an educator on USAID and Ethno Network projects for the retraining of women from the Employment Bureau for work in ceramics and souvenir making in Bor and Negotin. He spends a year in the TSK factory in Šabac on the production of ceramic elements for industry. From October 2008 to October 2018, he was employed at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade at the Department of Ceramics as a potter. In that period, he founded and became the president of the association Bulevar Umetnosti, within which he started his own school of ceramics for amateurs. As the editor-in-chief of the art magazine Bulevarum, together with over 100 volunteers, he designs and publishes 11 issues. He has participated in several group exhibitions. In October 2020, he founded the Pottery studio Bardak. At the same time, the association Bulevar Umetnosti becomes the association of Potters Bardak, within which there is still a school of ceramics, but they are also designing projects with the aim of popularizing this artistic craft.

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